It’s Raining Men

1.) JASON STATHAM. Transporter, The Mechanic, Expendables, Blitz, Snatch.

2.) PAUL WALKER. Eight Below, Fast and the Furious.

3.) LOGAN LERMAN. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

4.) DANIEL RADCLIFFE. Harry Potter.


6.) VIN DIESEL. Fast and the Furious, Pitch Black.

7.) RYAN REYNOLDS. The Green Lantern, The Proposal.

8.) BRUCE WILLIS. Die Hard, The Surrogates.

9.) JOHNNY DEPP. Pirates of the Caribbean, The Tourist, Alice in Wonderland.

10.) JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT. 10 Things I Hate About You, Inception, Dark Knight Rises, 500 Days of Summer.

Enjoy, imagine, achieve. 🙂

When Being Busy Is Still Not Enough

It’s been a while since I last had an entry. I am sort of busy which is a good thing, I guess. I am busy at work, rendering overtime hours. I spend time with Mangki whenever possible. I stay at home as much as I can. I am trying to be normal. I won’t give loneliness a chance, no, I don’t want. It is painful enough that I have to go home from work every single day feeling empty since Papa’s death last year, December 29. I am not going there, not now, at least. God, I missed Papa so much. I wanted to hug him one more time. Thinking about him makes me wanna scream, cry. In God’s time, we will meet again, Pa. In God’s time. I love you. I hope you know that.

Sa mga nakiramay at nakidalamhati..

Hindi ko po kayo kayang isa-isahin, pero sana sa pamamagitan nito, maipahatid ko ang taos-pusong pasasalamat ng pamilya ko sa pagsama nyo sa amin sa malungkot na kabanata ng buhay namin. Sa DEP-ED Makati, sa Education Department ng Makati Local Government, sa Wells Fargo, sa PayPal, sa relatives namin sa side ni Mama at Papa, sa Ginebra family ko – Jamships, sa PBA friends ko, kay Robert at Marie Labagala, sa MAPSA at Tropang KID, sa mga kaibigan ng Kuya ko na tumulong sa pag escort sa paghahatid kay Papa, sa mga kasamahan ni Papa sa Peninsula Manila, sa mga dati naming kapitbahay na nakasubaybay sa paglaki naming magkakapatid, sa St. Lukes Global City, kay Ms. Marge de Veyra at kay Mayor Junjun Binay na nagpaabot rin ng tulong pinansyal. Sa lahat po ng mga kaibigan namin sa facebook at twitter, sa inyo pong lahat, maraming maraming salamat. Kasama kayo sa dalangin naming mag-anak.

God answered my prayers

I didnt grow up with a silver spoon but my Papa treated me like a real princess. He was there for me to buy me ice cream whenever i want one. He brought me to theme parks and lets me stay up until midnight. Perks of being the family’s favorite.

When he was separated from us, I started asking questions even I couldn’t answer. I was almost angry. But I have good people surrounding me that helped me keep my hopes up and hang on to my faith. God never neglected me. He taught me patience and understanding of things that are beyond my control as a human. He also showed me how weak a person can be without love, respect, faith, hope and family.

Then things got a little calmer and I just continued my faith, I prayed and prayed, I hoped and hoped and I got His answer. Papa is back, we’re complete again. It took more than a decade but hey, I got what my heart wanted. God gave us second chance. 2012 was the happiest year of my life. It was beautiful, sentimental, lovely, forgiving and healing.

He fled again, but this time I knew it would be a beautiful departure. He’s now with God’s merciful hands and healing embrace. I know and I hope, one day, we’ll be together again, Pa. Just enjoy that life for now, when it’s my time, we’ll be happy together again. I love you, so much.


You were there when I was born, when I learned to walk, spoke my first words, when I was learning how to walk. You were there when I started schooling, I made you proud each and every way. I love you so much that I did everything that will make you proud of me. I tried my best to make sure you will be proud of me and I succeeded. I was happy doing that. Then things went sour and bitter and life wasn’t kind to us, to our family. But lessons were learned, feelings were tested, my faith was put to a test — and although it took years, I succeeded. You came back, you were there for me again but it was then my turn to take care of you. We all did our best, Pa, we showed you how important and loved you are, we stormed heavens to make you stay with us a little longer. But you had to go. This place you’re about to go to, I found out to be a great place. It is said that it’s near God’s loving embrace. It is famous for its healing powers, this place called Heaven, yes. I knew then you’ll be safe and you’ll be happier than ever. No more pain, no more sufferings, just life. As I bid goodbye to you, I just want to say that I love you. I love you so much that it hurts me you had to go. I will always feel the pain of your loss. I will always miss you. I will always long for your presence. I love you Pa. So very much.

I love you, Papa! Paalam..

Papa, pwede ka na pong magpahinga. I know you’ve lived your life to the fullest. Ramdam ko na masaya ka dahil nagkasama tayo. Pinakamasayang parte ng buhay ko ang reunion natin. I love you and I’m sorry if di ako naging ideal anak for you. Ang galing ni Lord, I did not give up on praying for our family, it took more than a decade but it’s all worth it. Highlight ng buhay ko ang pagkakapatawaran natin. Sinikap mong maging mabuting padre de pamilya sa amin, at saludo ako sa galing, diskarte at abilidad mo sa buhay. May mga bagay na naging hadlang para sa magandang buhay natin pero matagal na kitang napatawad. I love you Pa. Ibang klase ka talaga, hanggang sa huli pinakita mo ang katapangan at tibay mo sa buhay, hindi mo hinayaang makitaan kang nanghihina. You’re the bravest person for me. Mahal ka namin. Magpupuri ako kay God dahil sa muli nating pagsasama-sama, naging huli man ito.

Bored and Idle

It’s been a while since I last created an entry. I was down in the past two weeks, actually. Too many heartaches. Ginebra got eliminated, Pacquiao lost, plus I had some personal problems I needed to attend to. It’s a good thing our beauty queen Janine Tugonon got crowned 1st runner-up in the recently held Ms. Universe – the host country got it, Miss USA. LOL! I’m not bitter about it, I know our representative kicked their ass. Brains, baby!

I also attended my baby Jehrameel Domingo’s 18th birthday celebration at Aberdeen Court in Quezon City. Jam, as I often call her, is now a young lady. I met her Mom, finally. They’re a nice bunch of people.

Things at work is doing pretty well, though. I am on an UpSkill Training for two weeks, so, it’s kind of laid back, nothing much to do. We have a lot of idle time. I will pass this one and move on to the next level.

Three days from Christmas and tada, I haven’t completed my to-buy list yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Or the day before the big day. This Christmas by the way is going to be really special to me and I am looking forward to it.

Mangki at Ginebra

We’ve been together for more than eight years now and I can say that our feelings toward each other didn’t change a bit. Sa dinami-dami ng pinagkakasunduan namin, ng mga bagay na pinagsasaluhan, may isang bagay na itinuturing naming special. Kapwa kami Ginebra fans. Sa gaya kong die-hard at solid Ginebra, mahalaga sakin na yung partner ko, kasundo ko sa koponang sinusuportahan ko. Early part of our dating stage, I asked him if he’s a PBA fan. I was nervous then ‘coz his answer might change the way I feel toward him. “Baka mabawasan ang kilig..” “Baka magkabwisitan kami nito sa kalaunan pag di ‘to Ginebra..” “Baka Purefoods fan ‘to.. *!.”@;:#(?” Oo daw, nanunuod sya PBA. So ako naman, tanong ko which team. He asked me back. I said proudly, “Ginebra.” Nung sumagot syang Ginebra rin sya, tambling! Pasok sa banga! Mamahalin ko ‘tong taong ‘to, solb na ako Lord, thank you!

Mahalaga sakin na Ginebra fan din ang partner ko. Hindi puro harutan-dyowa lang. Hindi dyan iikot ang buhay nyo bilang magkasintahan at bilang magkaibang indibidwal. Lalong nagiging special sakin si Mangki dahil sa tuwing may Ginebra game, hindi problema ang panunuod ng live, o kahit sa tv set lang. We cheer together, we laugh together. Pag panalo ang Ginebra, celebration. Pag talo, taga-abot ko sya ng baso ng tubig para aluin ako sa pagkabigo. Mahalaga sakin yung wala akong tinatanggap na pang-aalaska. Ipagpapalit ko ang dyowa sa Ginebra. Pero ang Ginebra, di ko kayang isantabi. Para sakin, wala na akong mahihiling pa. Sa ngayon, hindi ko sila pareho kayang i-give up. Mahal ko pareho at mahalagang bahagi ng buhay ko. ❤

Rollercoaster Weekend

I didn’t know my weekend would be like this. I’ve been broken-hearted thrice this Saturday and Sunday. First, my favorite amateur basketball team, White Arsenals of Pinoy Exchange League bowed to 1st runner-up after failing to beat the Titans. This is really heartbreaking as this has been the scenario for four years straight, my team always ended up being THE runner-up. Second, our Boxing hero Manny Pacquiao failed to snatch a win against Juan Manuel Marquez when he was knocked down at the sixth round of their fourth match. And lastly, my Ginebra team lost to Talk n Text in a non-bearing game at the Mall of Asia Arena. A sad and disappointing way to end my weekend. Despite all these though, I am blessed to have family and friends I was able to spend time with to somewhat balance everything. Blessing and ribbon-cutting of Little Rob’s Cake Haus, bonding w/ Cazzie and Rob and Marie’s family, dinner w/ White Arsenals, Thalia’s non-stop chat, and that early dinner w/ Ginebra friends, Jamships’ Annual Date. I hope that things will get better and that I will be able to pick up the pieces sooner than I expect it to be. -T