Bored and Idle

It’s been a while since I last created an entry. I was down in the past two weeks, actually. Too many heartaches. Ginebra got eliminated, Pacquiao lost, plus I had some personal problems I needed to attend to. It’s a good thing our beauty queen Janine Tugonon got crowned 1st runner-up in the recently held Ms. Universe – the host country got it, Miss USA. LOL! I’m not bitter about it, I know our representative kicked their ass. Brains, baby!

I also attended my baby Jehrameel Domingo’s 18th birthday celebration at Aberdeen Court in Quezon City. Jam, as I often call her, is now a young lady. I met her Mom, finally. They’re a nice bunch of people.

Things at work is doing pretty well, though. I am on an UpSkill Training for two weeks, so, it’s kind of laid back, nothing much to do. We have a lot of idle time. I will pass this one and move on to the next level.

Three days from Christmas and tada, I haven’t completed my to-buy list yet. Hopefully tomorrow. Or the day before the big day. This Christmas by the way is going to be really special to me and I am looking forward to it.

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