You were there when I was born, when I learned to walk, spoke my first words, when I was learning how to walk. You were there when I started schooling, I made you proud each and every way. I love you so much that I did everything that will make you proud of me. I tried my best to make sure you will be proud of me and I succeeded. I was happy doing that. Then things went sour and bitter and life wasn’t kind to us, to our family. But lessons were learned, feelings were tested, my faith was put to a test — and although it took years, I succeeded. You came back, you were there for me again but it was then my turn to take care of you. We all did our best, Pa, we showed you how important and loved you are, we stormed heavens to make you stay with us a little longer. But you had to go. This place you’re about to go to, I found out to be a great place. It is said that it’s near God’s loving embrace. It is famous for its healing powers, this place called Heaven, yes. I knew then you’ll be safe and you’ll be happier than ever. No more pain, no more sufferings, just life. As I bid goodbye to you, I just want to say that I love you. I love you so much that it hurts me you had to go. I will always feel the pain of your loss. I will always miss you. I will always long for your presence. I love you Pa. So very much.

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