God answered my prayers

I didnt grow up with a silver spoon but my Papa treated me like a real princess. He was there for me to buy me ice cream whenever i want one. He brought me to theme parks and lets me stay up until midnight. Perks of being the family’s favorite.

When he was separated from us, I started asking questions even I couldn’t answer. I was almost angry. But I have good people surrounding me that helped me keep my hopes up and hang on to my faith. God never neglected me. He taught me patience and understanding of things that are beyond my control as a human. He also showed me how weak a person can be without love, respect, faith, hope and family.

Then things got a little calmer and I just continued my faith, I prayed and prayed, I hoped and hoped and I got His answer. Papa is back, we’re complete again. It took more than a decade but hey, I got what my heart wanted. God gave us second chance. 2012 was the happiest year of my life. It was beautiful, sentimental, lovely, forgiving and healing.

He fled again, but this time I knew it would be a beautiful departure. He’s now with God’s merciful hands and healing embrace. I know and I hope, one day, we’ll be together again, Pa. Just enjoy that life for now, when it’s my time, we’ll be happy together again. I love you, so much.

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